Aquatica San Diego Water Fun

September 6, 2018 by Gabie, Kid Blogger

I love summers in San Diego because we get to spend a lot of time at SeaWorld and their water park, Aquatica. It was really hot this year so going to a water park was a great way to cool off! You might not know Aquatica is open all the way through October weekends so even though school already started for me, we can still go and have fun in the water.

My favorite thing to do there is go on the big rides and slides but my little sister is only three years old so she isn’t tall enough to do all of the same things as me. We had a lot of fun at Walkabout Waters, floating around Loggerhead Lane and jumping waves together at Big Surf Shores.

I wore goggles in Big Surf Shores and it really felt like I was swimming in the ocean! There’s a big countdown clock so you can see when the next waves are coming.

We spent the entire day going down the slides, swimming and learning about flamingoes at the Flamingo Encounter. We took a few breaks to eat and shared cold treats. My favorite was the Dippin’ Dots that matched my water shoes!

This is the first summer Aquatica had solar panels to get their energy from the sun. The change helps reduce carbon emissions and the panels are over a parking lot so there is now shaded parking. Scientists say carbon emissions contribute to hurting coral reefs so it’s awesome we are helping to make a difference.