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Best Thrill & Family Rides in Texas

Experience thrilling coasters and extraordinary rides for the whole family.

From a raft ride to a hypercoaster, SeaWorld San Antonio’s mix of rides is one of the best in Texas.
  • Wave Breaker

    Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster

    SeaWorld San Antonio’s newest thrill ride launches you on an exciting adventure as you join the SeaWorld Rescue Team in their quest to help an animal in danger.

    • Roller Coaster
    • High Thrill
  • Great White

    Great White Roller Coaster

    Challenge yourself to the 360-degree flips and experience thrills on the grand-daddy of all SeaWorld® San Antonio coasters. Race along at nearly 50 mph on a floorless run of breathtaking loops, corkscrews and thrilling curves.

    • High Thrill
    • Roller Coaster
  • Steel Eel

    Steel Eel Roller Coaster

    This hypercoaster features a vertical drop of 15 stories followed by a series of camelbacks that provide periods of weightlessness.

    • High Thrill
    • Roller Coaster
  • Journey to Atlantis

    Journey to Atlantis

    A family ride that’s part water ride, part coaster, and altogether exciting. Get a panoramic, 360º view at the top of the first peak, followed by a 10-story reverse camelback that sends you on a wet and wild plunge into the lake below.

    • Medium Thrill
    • Water Rides
    • Roller Coaster
  • Rio Loco

    Rio Loco

    Cool down in the spray of your raft as it bobs and bounces through the unexpected twists, turns and drop-offs on this truly “crazy river.” What’s loco you ask? You’ll find out when you experience more than a little spray as you near the waterfall!

    • Kid Friendly
    • Water Rides
  • Shamu Express

    Shamu Express Roller Coaster

    Introduce young adventurers to the excitement and fun of coaster rides inspired by members of the Shamu family. You’ll enjoy sharing the ride, too!

    • Kid Friendly
    • Low Thrill