Rio Loco

Rio Loco

Cool down in the spray of your raft as it bobs and bounces through the unexpected twists, turns and drop-offs on this truly “crazy river.” What’s loco you ask? You’ll find out when you experience more than a little spray as you near the waterfall!

  • Splash Level
    Splash Level
  • Splash Level
    Ride Type
    Water Ride
  • Thrill
    Ride Thrill
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  • Accessibility

    Mobility-impaired guests should enter through the gate to the left of the main entrance by the Rio Grille. Please wait for a team member to assist in loading. All guests, including those with disabilities or use a wheelchair must be able to transfer into and out of the boat by themselves or with the assistance of a member of their party. Up to 5 additional guests may accompany the guest requiring special access.