Team Building Programs

  • Virtual Events

    Make a connection with the wild from the comfort of home. Increase team morale while exploring behind-the-scenes animal areas or learn the power of positive reinforcement, first-hand from one of our senior animal trainers and their majestic friends.
  • Whale Done Presentation

    Patterned after Dr. Ken Blanchard's book – 'Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships' – this program is designed to help your employees learn how to accentuate the positive and redirect the negative. Trainers can focus the program on any specific issues you wish to address.  Capacity:  Up to 250 guests 
  • Animal Swims

    Wade into the water and get to know these marine mammals through unforgettable interaction such as hugs, kisses and rubdowns.  Capacity:  Varies from 8-24 guests per swim
  • Trainer Talk

    Your team will enjoy hearing from and learning first-hand from our animal trainers.  You’ll discover not only  how they work with our magnificent mammals but also understand their passion and the bond they build. 
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour

    Your team will visit several animal habitats to learn about amazing animals and, in some instances, to reach out and touch them.
  • SeaFari Tour

    Take an extensive tour to see many of SeaWorld’s intriguing animal areas, to enjoy the camaraderie and to learn new things as a team.
  • Shark Tour

    Get a unique view from the top of the shark aquarium at Explorer’s Reef. Go behind the scenes to touch a shark.  Capacity:  10-15 guests per tour
  • Scavenger Hunt

    Your team will go on an adventurous hunt in search of clues.  At the conclusion of the hunt, tally your scores, and celebrate the winning team.  SeaWorld admission ticket required.
  • Catering Team Building


    Whether it's an authentic barbecue, creative buffet or elegant plated meal, our Executive Chef and talented culinary team are dedicated to delivering the highest quality catering services. With an on-site banquet kitchen and bakery, SeaWorld's catering team offers a sea of possibilities.

    We also offer plant-based meal options and our chef can customize any menu to accommodate dietary specifications. Beer, wine and full bar service is also available.

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  • Group Events Venue

    Check Out Our Venues

    Our unique venues will make your event feel like an escape. SeaWorld's extraordinary venues offer distinctive backdrops from intimate underwater viewing and aquariums to our spectacular outdoor pavilions at Ports of Call. 

    * Venue availability for Team Building events are subject to change.

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