SeaWorld San Antonio VIP Animal Experience
Ultimate Animal Experience

This tour is available every day, whether SeaWorld is open or closed to the public. Recommended for families with children aged 8 and above.

Go behind-the-scenes to learn more about the basics of animal training and care at SeaWorld while connecting with sea lions, beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, a penguin, and a shark! A must for animal lovers, this all-day brings together a collection of experiences found nowhere else in Texas - including unforgettable up-close encounters with some of the sea’s most amazing animals. This tour is the ultimate experience SeaWorld has to offer.


Experience Highlights
  • Don a wetsuit, enter the water, and meet a beluga whale
  • Touch a shark
  • Touch and feed a sea lion and bottlenose dolphin
  • Chat with trainers, participate in a play-time and feed killer whales
  • Touch a penguin
  • Lunch will be provided