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Sea Turtles

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Did you know that six of the seven species of sea turtles found in the world are classified as threatened or endangered, mostly due to human actions such as entanglement, coastal development and pollution?   Or that the largest sea turtle is the leatherback, which can grow up to six feet long? 


We’ve assembled a collection of diverse and engaging sea turtle resources on topics such as ocean conservation, sustainable fisheries, endangered species, massive migrations, habitat protection, and marine animal rehabilitation.

Sea Turtle Resources

Sea Turtle

Teacher Toolbox

Do you know the difference between a turtle's carapace and plastron?  This Teacher's Toolbox contains a broad variety of instructional resources to complement your Sea Turtle adventures, including a list of vocabulary words, links to video resources, and turtle-centric activities.

Teacher Toolbox

Sea Turtle

Saving a Species Video Series

Explore the capabilities and challenges of one of the world's more ancient and astounding animal species, sea turtles. Represented by seven current species – most of whom are either endangered or threatened – the story of the sea turtle is both urgent and amazing. Discover just how impressive sea turtles really are and what you can do to help save them.

Saving a Species: Sea Turtles can be watched in multiple parts or as a full episode.  Looking for quiz questions to ask before and after each episode segment?  Check out the Pre- and Post-Viewing Questions in the Teacher Toolbox. 

Video Series

Sea Turtle

Animal InfoBooks

Learn about sea turtles — remarkable marine reptiles facing formidable challenges to their survival.  Dive deeper into scientific classifications, specialized adaptations, what these amazing animals eat, and more.

Sea Turtle InfoBook

Sea lions being released on a beach

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation InfoBook

Learn more about SeaWorld's rescue and rehabilitation, and how it impacts sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins and many other animals.  Get a sneak peek into the life of the animal rescue team, the regulations behind rescue efforts, and how animals get returned to the wild.

Rescue and Rehabilitation InfoBook