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Sea Turtles

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SeaWorld invites you to dive in and stay connected with free classroom resources helping teachers, students and parents virtually explore the wild world of animals and nature.  Our parks have developed standards-aligned resources for grades K-12 including classroom activities, teacher’s guides, Saving a Species video series, Animal Bytes, Animal Info Books and more.  These distance learning resources can help everyone continue to explore, discover, and stay connected in a fun and inspiring environment.


First up: sea turtles!  Did you know that six of the seven species of sea turtles found in the world are classified as threatened or endangered, mostly due to human actions such as entanglement, coastal development and pollution?   Or that the largest sea turtle is the leatherback, which can grow up to six feet long? 


This week we will be using math, science, language, social studies and art skills to help explore sea turtles and their habitats. 


We’ve assembled a collection of diverse and engaging sea turtle resources on topics such as ocean conservation, sustainable fisheries, endangered species, massive migrations, habitat protection, and marine animal rehabilitation.

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Sea Turtle Resources