A polar bear diving into water A polar bear diving into water

Polar Bears

All About Polar Bears

Polar bears are most recognized by their white appearance, one of the many adaptations to their Arctic habitat.  Did you know that a polar bear’s fur is not actually white?  While they appear white or tan in color, the outer coat is actually made up of transparent hairs that appear white because of their reflective qualities.

Learn more about polar bears, including where they live, how they hunt, and how we can help continue the conservation of these incredible animals

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A polar bear diving into water

Animal Infobooks

Learn all about polar bears, extraordinary predators of the Arctic, threatened by a disappearing habitat.

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Polar Bear

Animal Bytes

Check out these one-page fact sheets about these incredible bears.

Polar Bears

Polar Bear

Savings a Species: Polar Bears

Polar bears live in one of this planet's harshest environments. With an exceptional mix of physical and behavioral adaptations their survival comes down to their ability to find and conserve energy, and our ability to reduce energy consumption.

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Polar Bear

Teacher Toolbox

Looking for some resources to compliment your lessons? This teacher toolbox includes vocabulary, discussion-starting questions, classroom activities and more.

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Polar Bear


Schooling at home?  Keep your students engaged with these polar bear themed classroom activities.

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