Two seals in water Two seals in water


All About Pinnipeds

Pinnipeds are a diverse group of carnivorous, flipper-footed mammals that live in aquatic environments.  The order Pinnipedia is comprised of walruses, seals, and sea lions.  Did you know that the largest pinniped is the elephant seal?  While walrus adult males can grow to be more than 2 tons (as much as a car), male elephant seals can weigh over 3 tons (even larger than a polar bear!).

Learn more about pinnipeds, including where they live, what they eat, and how we can help continue the conservation of these incredible animals.

Pinniped Resources

Sea lions running on a beach

Animal InfoBooks: California Sea Lion

Meet the California sea lion and learn all about this social and lively pinniped species.

California Sea Lion InfoBook

Two seals in water

Animal InfoBooks: Harbor Seal

Meet the harbor seal and learn all about this spotted and shy pinniped species.

Harbor Seal InfoBook


Animal InfoBooks: Walrus

Meet the walrus and find out all the facts about those famous tusks and more!

Walrus InfoBook

Hooded Seal

Animal Bytes

Check out these one-page fact sheets about these incredible pinnipeds.

California Sea LIon

Crabeater Seal

Harbor Seal

Hooded Seal

Leopard Seal

Monk Seal

Ross Seal


Weddell Seal

Harbor Seal

Animal Sounds

Pinnipeds make many different sounds to navigate, communicate, and hunt. Check out these sounds, plus more on

California Sea Lion

Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal Pup

More Animal Sounds

Harbor Seal


Schooling at home? Keep your students engaged with these pinniped-themed classroom activities.

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Arctic Food Chain Song

Habitat Sweet Habitat

Harbor Seal Visor

Lunch Time

Pop-Up Seal Pup

Seal Scientist

Seals and Sea Lions Venn Diagram

The Name Game

Who Am I

5th Grade - 8th Grade

Seals in Depth

Fur Seal Survey

9th Grade - 12th Grade

Fur Seal Survey Classroom Activity