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Paper Crafts and Origami

Create your own collection of animal-inspired characters and more with these fun, easy-to-assemble 3D paper crafts!


SeaWorld Lighthouse

Recreate SeaWorld's iconic lighthouse to your home with this easy-to-assemble craft.

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Create a Paper Boat

SeaWorld Rescue Boat

Assemble a paper SeaWorld Rescue Boat with this easy-to-assemble craft.

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SeaWorld Dolphin

Bring home one of our most popular animals at the SeaWorld Parks - dolphins to your home!

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SeaWorld Penguin

Create your own flat-footed friend with this fun SeaWorld Penguin paper craft.

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SeaWorld Shark

Create your own predator pal with this fun SeaWorld Shark paper craft.

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SeaWorld Walrus

Create your own blubber buddy with this fun SeaWorld Walrus paper craft.

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