SeaWorld Teacher Card

SeaWorld® San Antonio is proud to offer a complimentary SeaWorld Teacher Card to all active and certified Pre-K-12 Texas grade school teachers.
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FREE Teacher Card

Get Your FREE 2023 Teacher Card now! Hurry, must register by March 31, 2023!

SeaWorld San Antonio is pleased to offer Texas credentialed Pre-K-12 school teachers a FREE SeaWorld Teacher Card that provides unlimited admission to SeaWorld San Antonio.

The Teacher Card is good from the time of redemption through January 3, 2024. Receive UNLIMITED admission to SeaWorld San Antonio and experience all the rides, shows, animal encounters, and attractions. You'll also get to experience special events such as Inside Look, Seven Seas Food Festival, Howl-O-Scream, SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration and much more!

In addition to the SeaWorld fun, Teachers can add unlimited visits to Aquatica for only $35. OR add both unlimited Aquatica PLUS Parking for only $80. Aquatica visitation is valid through the 2023 season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Teacher Card offer?

SeaWorld San Antonio is proud to offer a complimentary Teacher Card to all active and certified Pre-K–12 Texas grade school teachers who hold a valid Department of Education (DOE) number. The Teacher Card is valid for unlimited admission to SeaWorld San Antonio through January 2, 2024.

Important: requires a Department of Education (DOE) number to audit eligibility for the program. If you do not know your DOE number, then visit #3 in the FAQ section. If your DOE number does not register on, then your Social Security number may need to be provided.

How can I register for a Teacher Card?

To take advantage of this offer, click the Teacher ID button in the top-right corner, select "Join Now" and then enter an e-mail address (a personal address is recommended and not your work email) and a password.

Registration is only available via online and is not available at any SeaWorld San Antonio ticket window or Guest Services.

I need my DOE (Department of Education) number to verify my teacher credentials. How do I find this number?


In Texas, all verifications require a document upload. You'll need to download a copy of the teacher credential from this site and then upload it in the verification flow.

I’m a pre-school, day care, private, home-school or substitute. Am I eligible for this offer?

If you have been certified by the state of Texas for Pre-K–12 grades and hold an active Department of Education number, you may submit a request to receive the FREE Teacher Card. Otherwise, you do not meet the requirements for the program. Verification can only be complete if Pre-K–12 Texas grade school teachers are currently in the Department of Education database. can only verify pre-school or homeschool teachers who have an active teaching license.

How will I receive my Teacher Card?

After you are verified, you will need to access SeaWorld’s website and complete the ticketing process in which you will need to enter your email address to receive your Teacher Card eVoucher. After this process is complete, your eVoucher will be emailed to you to print and redeem at SeaWorld San Antonio for your Teacher Card.

How do I know if I verified my credentials? I submitted my information to get verified but I am not sure if I was accepted or not?

There will be a Teacher ID card in your wallet. Please visit:

What is the deadline for redeeming my eVoucher at the park to receive my Teacher Card?

The final redemption date is January 2, 2024 on valid operating dates for SeaWorld San Antonio.

Does the Teacher need to be present to redeem their eVoucher for the Teacher Card?

To redeem the eVoucher for the Teacher Card, the teacher must be present in order to protect their identity.

Which Internet browser versions does Teacher support?

Teacher ID best supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. For optimal user experience, it is recommended to use a home computer. Work computers (with outdated browsers or internet explorer) or mobile devices provide an unsatisfactory experience.