Pin Trading Pin Trading
Pin Trading

Collect your favorites and trade with SeaWorld Ambassadors and other pin-traders to get new ones! New pins will be released periodically throughout the year. Please sign up for emails and follow us on social media to be the first to know when a new pin is released!

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Find a SeaWorld Ambassador wearing a pin trading lanyard
  • Look at their collection and select your favorite pin. 
  • Trade one of your pins in exchange for one of their pins.

You may trade up to 3 pins per SeaWorld Ambassador, per day. You may also trade with other pin-traders in the park. Happy trading!

Just getting started?
Pins and lanyards are available for purchase at The SeaWorld Store. Once you have your pins and lanyard, you can trade with SeaWorld Ambassadors and guests who are also wearing a pin trading lanyard. SeaWorld Ambassadors with lanyards can be found throughout the park in gift shops, theaters, front gate, and the park entrance. Happy trading!

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Pin Categories

Core pins feature SeaWorld animals and are available to purchase until they are retired.

Collection pins are an assortment of pins that all relate to each other. A collection may be added to year after year.

A series is a set of pins that are identified as a group. Make sure to collect the whole series.

Limited edition pins are available in smaller quantities for a specific time or until they sell out. Get limited edition pins right away, they’ll be hard to find later on.

Special edition pins are available only for a limited time and feature many SeaWorld icons. These pins will go fast, so get them while they’re hot.

Once a pin is retired, it will no longer be produced. These are identified with a retirement label.

Accessories are non-pin items that enhance your pin collecting and trading experience and include an assortment of lanyards and pouches.