All New Wooden Coaster

Calling all thrill-seekers! Adventure awaits on the TALLEST, FASTEST and LONGEST wooden roller coaster in the state, the Texas Stingray. Find out how it feels to whip, dip and dive with a 100 foot drop, 3,379 feet of track, and a max speed of 55 mph.

Texas Stingray is located across the Turtle Reef exhibit between Orca Stadium and the Rio Loco river rapids ride.

  • Thrill
    Ride Thrill
  • Thrill
    Ride Type
    Roller Coaster
  • Height Limit
  • Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio

  • Accessibility

    Mobility-impaired guests should enter through the exit and continue up to the exit ramp to the unloading platform. Please see a team member for assistance with loading instructions. All guests, including those with disabilities or use a wheelchair must be able to transfer into and out of the ride vehicle by themselves or with the assistance of a member of their party. One additional guest may accompany the guest requiring special access.