Shamu Express

Super Grover's Box Car Derby

Get Ready... Get Set...

Super Grover's Box Car Derby is about to begin! Introduce your young adventurers to the excitement and fun of coaster rides inspired by one of our favorite furry friends. Super Grover's Box Car Derby is an action-packed race and is the perfect first steel roller coaster for kids and adults.
Child Friendly
Ride Type Kid Friendly
Height Limit
Height 38"
Ride Type Roller Coaster
Quick Queue
Available Quick Queue


Mobility-impaired guests should enter through the exit and continue up to the exit ramp to the unloading platform. Please see a team member for assistance with loading instructions. All guests, including those with disabilities or use a wheelchair must be able to transfer into and out of the ride vehicle by themselves or with the assistance of a member of their party. One additional guest may accompany the guest requiring special access.