Sunny Day Guarantee

Inclement Weather Policy

Rainy Days at SeaWorld San Antonio

If it rains during your visit to SeaWorld or Aquatica San Antonio, we will give you a complimentary return ticket for any operating day.

At SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio the safety of our guests, team members and animals are our number one priority. During periods of inclement weather we may suspend operations and ask guests to evacuate ride areas, pools, stadiums and dining areas. SeaWorld San Antonio is committed to making sure guests have the opportunity to make the most of their day at our parks. We may not be able to control the weather, but we believe every guest deserves the chance to experience a sunny day at our parks. SeaWorld's Sunny Day Guarantee will issue a complimentary return visit to anyone whose visit is affected by rain. Complimentary ticket must be used within one year of initial visit. The Sunny Day Guarantee is only available to guests who have purchased a Single-Day ticket or Multi-Day ticket.

Sunny Day Guarantee 

  • All Sunny Day Guarantee tickets will be issued at Guest Services near the park entrance.
  • Sunny Day Guarantee only applicable to guests who purchased a Single-Day or Multi-Day ticket.
  • Complimentary tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and must be used within one year of initial visit.
  • Parking, Lockers, All Day Dining, Quick Queue and additional upgrade purchases from initial visit are not included in 2nd visit.
  • Promotional and discounted tickets may not be eligible for Sunny Day Tickets and should check at Guest Services for details.
  • Pass Members and guests with complimentary tickets are not eligible for Sunny Day Tickets.