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Biology Day at SeaWorld San Antonio

Event Dates: April 20 & 21, May 18 & 19, 2023

Let SeaWorld San Antonio bring the science of biology to life for your students! Engage with SeaWorld Experts as you explore the world of biology through the eyes of the animals in our care, science specialists, and world-class attractions! Students will experience interactive Bio Base Camps that focus on unique topics within the biological sciences. Through your adventure, discover how forces of nature, like anatomy, physiology, ecology, zoology, veterinary science, and more inspired the thrilling attractions at SeaWorld San Antonio.


Science TEKS: 4.12.B, 4.13.B, 5.12.A, 5.12.B, 5.12.C, 5.13.A, 5.13.B, 6.12.C, 6.12.D, 6.12.E, 6.12.F, 7.10.A, 7.10.B, 7.11.A, 7.11.B, 7.11.C, 7.12.A, 7.13.A, 8.11.A, 8.11.B, 8.11.C


Bio Base Camps

Enhance your students' educational experience by visiting four interactive, Bio Base Camps, each featuring a different topic in biology! Bio Base Camps are uniquely designed for students to reinforce key learning objectives and align with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). We recommend planning approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to participate (25 minutes per station).  


  • Bio Base Camp: Guiding Genetics – See firsthand how the study of heredity acts as a beneficial road map for a species!    
  • Bio Base Camp: Amazing Anatomy – Why is it important to understand how the body of living things are structured?
  • Bio Base Camp: Veterinary Sciences –Take on our Diagnostic Dilemma Challenge to see how Veterinarians help animals around the world.   
  • Bio Base Camp: Conservation Biology – Explore how all living things are intertwined in Earth’s “Web of Life” and what you can do as a budding biologist to support the planet’s rich biodiversity.     


Wild Careers Presentations

Give your students an opportunity to hear directly from a Sea Rescue Wildlife Rehabilitator, a SeaWorld Veterinarian, and a Zoological Behavioral Specialist as they explore the science behind their wild careers! Along the way, meet the animals and what it takes to care for such diverse species. From understanding the principals of animal behavior to seeing innovations in veterinary science, students will learn the education and training required to enter into these truly wild careers.

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