Discovery Point FAQs

Where do I check in for my In-water Interaction?

Please be at the Discovery Point Animal Interaction Check In area at least 15 minutes before your reserved time.

How long is the total experience?


  • The in-water experience is 20-30 minutes long. Guests should plan on allocating 2 hours for the entire Interaction experience. 
  • Beforehand, there is a short orientation session to discuss safety and offer an opportunity for participants to ask questions.
  • Next, small groups move to their interaction location for the in-water experience with the Dolphins, Beluga Whales, or Sea Lions.
  • Guests participating in the Beluga or Sea Lion interaction will be taken by shuttle to Beluga Bay or Sea Lion Shallows, and return to Discovery Point after their interaction.
  • After the interaction, guests can view the photos taken during their program. Interaction photos can only be seen and purchased in the Discovery Point area.

What all does the Dolphin interaction, Beluga interaction or Sea Lion interaction cost include?

Your interaction experience includes:

  • Complimentary Wetsuit rental is included, and are required while guests are in the water.
  • A changing room with shower facilities and amenities
  • Locker and towel rental
  • In-park shuttle to and from Beluga Bay or Sea Lion Shallows

Are there age requirements for admission to SeaWorld or Discovery Point’s experience?

  • There are no age requirements, however each program participant must meet the height requirement for each program (without shoes). Participants under the age of 18 will be required to have a paid observer accompany them throughout the experience. Observer passes are $30 per person. Observers do not get in the water.

  • For the Dolphin Encounter, guests 14 and older can participate in the program by themselves. Participants 13 and younger are required to have a paid adult participant with them in the program. There are not observer passes for the Dolphin Encounter.

What should I wear for my in-water interaction?

Guests are encouraged to bring their own swimsuits underneath the provided Discovery Point wetsuit. We will provide the wetsuit and the water shoes to wear during the program. Hats, glasses, jewelry, and other accessories will not be allowed in the water for the safety of the animals. The only exception is tight fitting wedding bands.

Can I bring my own camera or video recorder?

In-water participants are not permitted to take any cameras or electronic devices in the water with them, for the safety of our animals. Observers are permitted to bring one (1) camera or device to take pictures and videos of your program.

Observer passes are $30 per person and can be purchased at the Discovery Point check-in desk. There will also be a photographer dedicated to taking your pictures during the program!

Do I need a separate ticket to watch a interaction if I’m not participating?

Friends and relatives of guests who are participating in dolphin, seal lion or beluga interactions who wish to watch the interactions may purchase an observer ticket. Space is limited and will be available on a first come, first served bases. Observer tickets may ONLY be purchased upon arrival at Discovery Point for $30.

Do I need to be a good swimmer for in-water interactions with dolphins, belugas or sea lions?

Swimming skills are not needed for our programs! Each in-water interaction occurs on a ledge in the animal’s habitat, and participants will be standing throughout the duration of the program.

Is a wetsuit rental included, and can I bring my own?

Participants are required to wear the provided Discovery Point wetsuit, so there is no need to bring your own. We will also provide the water shoes to wear during the program. Wetsuits and water shoes are to be returned and the end of your program. Short and long wetsuits are available in adult and children’s sizes.

  • Men’s: XS to 5XL
  • Women’s: 6 to 22
  • Children’s: 6 to 16

Can I wear jewelry?

With the exception of wedding rings, no jewelry is permitted in the water during your interaction. Please understand this is for the safety of the animals in our care, a responsibility we take very seriously, and ask that our guests do, too. We sure appreciate your understanding.

Will there be photos available from my interaction?

Yes, Discovery Point’s photographers will be on hand to help you collect keepsake memories of your Dolphin interaction, Beluga interaction or Sea Lion interaction. These will be available for purchase before you leave.


Photographers are not provided for the Dolphin Encounter. 

What if I’m pregnant?

We do not have restrictions for expectant mothers, it is up to the individual. However, please consider the day will involve entering a habitat with deep water with a live animal weighing over 500 pounds. The experience will involve up-close activities, which is what makes them so special. You will also need to make sure your wetsuit fits comfortably. Therefore, we do ask that you consult your doctor prior to your visit and explain the nature of the interaction and activities to receive a proper assessment.

What’s the water temperature like?

  • Dolphin Lagoon water temperature is in the mid 70°s
  • Beluga Bay water temperature is in mid to low 50°s
  • Sea Lion Shallows water temperature is in the mid 60°s

What is your refund policy?

The program fees for all In-Water Interactions and the Dolphin Encounter are non-refundable. The program can be rescheduled when possible. Please keep in mind if you arrive late you may not be able to join the program. Program times, prices, components, and animal participant are subject to change. Please email [email protected] or call 210-520-4732 with any questions or concerns.