Wild Days

Wild Days Shows

SeaWorld® San Antonio hosts different celebrity wildlife experts, including TV favorite, ‘Jungle’ Jack Hanna, as we explore the wonders of the animal kingdom. Flying High will be here all through Spring Break week and SeaWorld Live will close out the last weekend of Wild Days. Wild Days shows are included with SeaWorld admission.

  • Jungle Jack Hanna

    Jungle Jack Hanna

    March 3 - 4

    Jungle Jack Hanna is one of America’s favorite celebrity wildlife experts, and for years has been a regular guest star on late night television and popular morning talk shows. He’s also a favorite guest here at SeaWorld, and will be headlining this weekend’s Wild Days with his unique breed of humor in the company of a few of his favorite animal companions. While Jack knows how to entertain a crowd, he’s also a world-renowned zoologist and an authority on animal care. This is sure to be an entertaining and inspiring weekend. Be sure to come early as seating is limited. Hungry for a second helping of fun? Reserve your seat at one of this year’s exclusive Dine with Jack Hanna engagements.

  • Flying High

    Flying High

    March 9 - 16

    The popular event is hosted again this year by Last Chance Forever. Founded here in San Antonio in 1977, this dedicated group will bring along some of their beloved animal ambassadors we rarely get to see this close.

    What’s even more special is that these magnificent birds of prey joining us this weekend each found their way into the care of Last Chance Forever because they were orphaned, injured or sick and therefore unreleasable in the wild. Their dedicated volunteers and staff have some great tips on common sense conservation we can all take home, and have some pretty impressive animals from the avian kingdom here to help share their message.

  • SeaWorld Live

    SeaWorld Live!

    March 17 - 18

    A fun-filled show that brings guests into the heart of some of the real-life animal rescue stories of SeaWorld Rescue and the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens® Conservation Fund. A celebrity wildlife expert  hosts this kick-off weekend event, with interviews from several of our Animal Ambassadors and special appearances from a few special animal companions.

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