Get up close and explore more than ever before during Inside Look.

Go behind the scenes and get an all-access look into the habitats of your favorite animals during SeaWorld San Antonio’s Inside Look event. Speak with SeaWorld caretakers and learn how you can do your part to protect animal habitats in the wild. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that’s sure to inspire.  

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Aldabra Turtle talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

NEW! Aldabra Tortoise Trainer Talk

Location: Aldabra Island

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Aldabra tortoises, one of the world’s largest tortoise species, with SeaWorld's Aldabra Tortoise Trainer Talk. Join our knowledgeable zoological experts as they share insights into the unique characteristics and behaviors of these majestic reptiles.

SeaWorld Inside Look Scavenger Hunt Logo

Expert Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Location: Front of Park

Think you know a lot about SeaWorld’s world class animal care? It’s time to find out! Participate in the all-new Expert Explorer Scavenger Hunt. Pick-up your booklet at Rescue HQ (Just inside the Front Gate), and visit select locations to decipher a secret word. Once complete, bring the completed scavenger hunt and the secret word back to Rescue HQ to receive a special Expert Explorer pin (while supplies last).

Behind the scenes with Orcas during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Behind the Scenes with Orcas

Location: Dine with Orca Entrance

Embark on an exclusive journey to get an intimate look at the daily lives of our pod of killer whales. Gain insight into the park’s innovative care techniques, learn about the individual personalities of these magnificent marine mammals, and discover SeaWorld’s ongoing commitment to orca conservation and research.

Beluga Whale talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Beluga Trainer Talk

Location: Beluga Stadium

Dive in the world of beluga whales during our Beluga Trainer Talk. Learn about the trainers’ dedication to the well-being of these majestic creatures and the park’s commitment through engaging discussions and demonstrations.

Sea Lion Trainer talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Sea Lion Trainer Talk

Location: Sea Lion and Otter Stadium

Sea Lion and Otter Stadium is open for a peek at the training techniques used by our animal care specialists. Learn about the unique attributes and behaviors of sea lions, witness their playful interactions, and gain a deeper appreciation for the bond between trainers and these charismatic marine animals and the small actions that you can do to have a big impact on sea lions, otters, and seals in the wild.

Sea Lion talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Sea Lion Talk

Location: Pacific Point Preserve

Join us and learn about the playful nature of sea lions, the training methods employed for their well-being, and the conservation efforts that contribute to the protection of these charismatic marine mammals.

Dolphin talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Dolphin Talk

Location: Discovery Point

Immerse yourself in the social dynamics of dolphins during our Dolphin Talk at Inside Look. Here you’ll discover the fascinating aspects of dolphin behavior, the trainers' role in their care, and the park's dedication to ensuring their welfare.

Behind the scenes with Dolphins during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Behind the Scenes with Dolphins

Location: Meet at Guest Services Hut Near Biergarten

Go behind the scenes of SeaWorld San Antonio for a glimpse of the zoological operation featuring our bottlenose dolphins. Explore the daily routines, training practices, and conservation and rescue efforts undertaken by the dedicated team to ensure the well-being of these marine mammals. Guests will have the chance to peek inside the veterinary care that is provided though our Animal Health Center.

Shark talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Shark Talk

Location: Explorer’s Reef

Gain a profound understanding of sharks by exploring their vital role in marine ecosystems and discover the conservation initiatives undertaken by SeaWorld to dispel misconceptions and learn what you can do to help protect these awe-inspiring predators in the wild.

Alligator talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Alligator Talk

Location: Alligator Alley

Explore the world of alligators and gain insights into the unique adaptations and behaviors of these ancient reptiles while learning about the park's initiatives in alligator conservation and habitat protection.

Penguin talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Penguin Talk

Location: Penguin Encounter

Get a look at the fascinating lives of penguins during our Penguin Talk! Here guests will discover the adaptive traits of these birds, their social dynamics, and the park's commitment to the conservation of penguin species and their habitats in the wild.

Turtle talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Turtle Talk

Location: Turtle Reef

This enlightening experience allows visitors to learn about the diverse species of turtles, the challenges they face in the wild, and SeaWorld's efforts in turtle conservation, providing a deeper understanding of these remarkable reptiles.

Flamingo talks during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Flamingo Talk

Location: Flamingo Cove

Witness the elegance of flamingos during our Flamingo Talk, where guests gain insights into the vibrant world of these birds, their social structures, and the vital role they play in wetland ecosystems.

Animal Ambassadors during Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Animal Ambassador Team

Location: Across From Harbor Market

Meet the Animal Ambassador Team during Inside Look. Discovering the team's passion for wildlife education, conservation, and their hands-on approach to fostering connections between visitors and a diverse array of animals, showcasing SeaWorld's commitment to creating awareness and understanding of our natural world.

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