• Monster Stomp



    Victorian London is the setting for this all new show at Nautilus Amphitheater. Meet the creatures of the night as you are transported to another era of spookiness. 



    Hosted by Jack O'Lantern, this high-energy, Halloween-themed Shamu show will send shivers up your spine! Join Jack, our animal trainers, and of course Shamu as they put a new twist on some Halloween favorites!


    Themed Bars


    Get a transfusion of signature drinks at Vampire Point. Don’t mind the wait staff you’re not supper- just a midnight snack.

     Z BAR

    It's the end of the world at this apocalyptic bar. Hang out with the zombies, while you take a shot from an inoculation station.


    Get a tasty beverage at our new steampunk themed bar.

    Must be 21 years of age or over to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.

  • HOS photo

    Photo Opportunities

    FANGS V.I.P.

    Have a fangtastic time with our resident vampires of Vampire Point in an up-close Vampire-Interaction-Photo experience. Guests will have the opportunity to go behind the velvet rope to meet and take pictures with our fangalous friends. These mischievous vampires can only be captured with our advanced photography; so don’t be surprised when they aren't in our light.


    Zombie Zone

    A zombie horde that has taken refuge in an abandoned factory, located in Demon Street. Guests are clinging for dear life, attempting to rescue their friends and trying to escape chemic doom to survive. Stop by to see if you and your friends can conquer the living dead in our NEW photo opportunity. Guests will have the opportunity to show how they survived Zombie Zone in a souvenir photo taken by our photography team.