Bier Fest

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Festive Fun for the whole Family

Enjoy the musical celebration of Oktoberfest without having to travel to Germany! Enjoy live entertainment that pays homage to Bavarian traditions with a modern spin.


Daily Schedule

Presentations and activity times may vary each day. Check our schedule for up to date times.
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Bier Fest Bands

  • West Coast Prost

    Much more than your average polka band! This group, led by accordionist and singer Jason Fabus, plays polkas, waltzes, dixieland, swing, and country/western favorites. They bring an exciting sense of youth to an older tradition of music!


    Dates: Aug 12 - 14, Aug 19 - 21, Sept 2 -5 & Sept 9 - 11

  • Alpine Express

    The Alpine Express show combines the time tested traditions of a German Oktoberfest with some of the most talented, colorful, and fun performers you will ever enjoy! They're fun; super musicians; and give you an upbeat show with lots of audience interaction. It's big entertainment that keeps a great tradition alive and gets people involved in the spirit of good fun and fellowship.


    Dates: Aug 26 - Aug 28

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