Bier Fest At SeaWorld San Antonio
Bier Fest Entertainment

Festive fun for the whole family

Enjoy the musical celebration of Oktoberfest without having to travel to Germany! Enjoy live entertainment that pays homage to Bavarian traditions with a modern spin.

Bier Fest Bands

Alpine Express

The Alpine Express show combines the time-tested traditions of a German Oktoberfest with some of the most talented, colorful, and fun performers you will ever enjoy! They're fun; super musicians; and give you an upbeat show with lots of audience interaction. It's big entertainment that keeps a great tradition alive and gets people involved in the spirit of good fun and fellowship.
Alpenmusikanten Band


AlpenMusikanten, (German for “Alpine Musicians”), can be a tough name to remember, let alone challenging to pronounce. But, once you hear and see them perform, the funny name becomes secondary, and, other terms immediately come to mind…..funny, crazy, spontaneous, unpredictable (Yep), versatile, quirky, multi-talented.….to name a few. As you quickly realize while enjoying the evening, you never know what happens on stage,…..a heavy rock tune after a beautiful slow yodel, a guitar solo played on the back of the guitar players head, an unexpected impromptu joke out of nowhere that gets the crowd into a laughing frenzy, back to a beautIful slow ballad to lead the crowd out on the dance floor. AlpenMusikanten (AMk)will keep you on your toes, and is the ultimate band for any occasion.

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