Restaurants & Dining Options

Take a break and refuel at our best restaurants

Eat up to once every 90 minutes with the All Day Dining Deal.

Discover a range of dining options from sit-down restaurants featuring BBQ, pizza, burgers, and plant based options to various snack shops scattered in the park.
  • Lone Star Lakeside Bar

    Lone Star Lakeside Bar

    Beat the sizzlin’ summer heat and sip on mixologist-curated cocktails, frozen specialties, and craft alcoholic selections infused with pure Texas pride.

  • Coaster Coffee

    NEW! Coaster Coffee Company

    Hang on tight and let your taste buds soar at this coaster-inspired café where we proudly serve Starbucks coffee, ice cream, and more.

  • Harbor Market

    Harbor Market

    Enjoy a world of dining options at the café-style Harbor Market.

    • All Day Dining Deal
  • Pretzel Kitchen at SeaWorld San Antonio

    Pretzel Kitchen

    Stroll through this delightful open-air market where you can stop for delicious pretzels.

    • All Day Dining Deal
  • Rio Grill Burgers at SeaWorld San Antonio

    Rio Grill

    For a casual and carefree meal, sit back and enjoy Rio Grill's sunny patio overlooking the Rio Loco water ride as you enjoy family favorites.

    • All Day Dining Deal
  • Rosita's Cafe

    Rosita's Café

    At Rosita's Café, every entrée is handcrafted for the freshest taste.

    • All Day Dining Deal
  • Smokehouse Grill

    Smokehouse Grill

    Experience authentic Texas barbeque. At Smokehouse Grill, we take our time to create our signature barbecue.

    • All Day Dining Deal
  • Spankys Fries at SeaWorld San Antonio


    Stop by for an ap"peel"ing snack of loaded fries only at Spanky's Fries.

    • All Day Dining Deal
  • Dine with Orcas

    Dine with Orcas

    Join SeaWorld’s orca family for an exclusive lunch in a section of the park that’s normally only open to trainers and animal care specialists.

    • Advance Reservation

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Snacks and Drinks

  • Pizza and more

    Pizza & More

    Savor the flavors of fresh-from-the-oven pizza, or try our tasty turkey legs.

    For a little something sweet, there’s fluffy cotton candy. And don’t forget our frosted lemonade!

  • Snack Attack

    Snack Attack

    Fight off that hungry feeling with a cold beverage, a powdery funnel cake, or a serving of soft serve ice cream.

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