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Thank you for your interest in SeaWorld San Antonio and Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark.

SeaWorld San Antonio proudly supports a wide array of non-profits in the community each year, primarily focusing on the health and welfare of animals, families and youth, as well as education, environmental protection and conservation programs. We typically donate two (2) SeaWorld San Antonio one-day admission tickets per request to assist fundraising efforts for 501c3 non-profit charitable organizations and schools within a 100-mile radius of the park once per calendar year.

SeaWorld San Antonio also fulfills many Wish Visits that are requested directly from registered non-profit wish-granting organizations.

SeaWorld San Antonio donates to non-profit 501c3 organizations and schools that:
  • Are in the San Antonio / Austin / Corpus Christi / Laredo area (or within 100 miles radius of the park).
  • Are having a fundraising event to benefit youth and families, animals or the environment and conservation.

We are unable to assist with ticket/monetary donation requests for:

  • Requests for money
  • Partnerships or sponsorships
  • Individual faith-based organizations
  • Contributions to political campaigns
  • Fundraising events involving weapons
  • Fundraising events outside of the 100-mile radius of the park
  • Incentives, prizes, door prizes, appreciation gift, giveaways or holiday parties
  • Requests from individuals that are not part of a non-profit organization or school
  • Individual scouting troops (we contribute at the national and/ the local council levels)
  • Individuals or teams, including activities such as walk-a-thons, contests and pageants
  • Third Party requests (when one organization raises money on behalf of other organizations)
  • Employee charitable campaigns (donations can only be given directly to a non-profit organization or school)
  • School groups or organizations that only target a specialized program or smaller group of students (i.e., band, sports team, drill team, etc.). The donation must benefit the whole school in order to be considered.
  • Large number of tickets (typical donation is two (2) SeaWorld San Antonio one-day admission tickets.
  • In some cases, the donation request is received too late to process, we ask for a minimum of 60 days prior to the event.

Please note receipt of the following information is not a guarantee of an approval for donation tickets but is needed for consideration.

In order to be considered for a donation, your organization must meet our donation guidelines.
  1. A 501(c)3 non-profit status form must accompany all requests in order to be considered (this is not the tax exempt or W9 form)
  2. Request must be made on official non-profit organization or school letterhead
  3. Request(s) must be received 60 days prior to your event

Be sure to include the following non-profit organization/school information regarding the event in your letter of request:
  • Full legal name of organization (no abbreviations)
  • Physical address of non-profit organization/school where tickets can be mailed (please include city, state and zip code.) Home addresses will not be accepted.
  • Requestor’s information: Name and title of contact person, phone number and e-mail address
  • Event information:
    • Name of event
    • Date of event
    • What will the funds raised be used for?

If the above criteria are met, please submit your request on non-profit /school organization letterhead along with a copy of the 501c3 non-profit status form via email at:

[email protected]

Or, by fax at (210) 523-3130

Or mail to:

  SeaWorld San Antonio
Attn: Donation
10500 SeaWorld Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78251

Please note that submitting a donation request does not guarantee the request will be approved. If your request is selected to be fulfilled, you will receive a donation by mail 5 - 30 days prior to your event date.

SeaWorld receives many more requests than we can support. Denial of a request does not imply that an organization's mission is not important or valid.

Due to the large volume of requests received, we are unable to respond to phone requests, follow-up calls or emails.

Thank you and best of luck with your fundraising endeavors!

SeaWorld/Aquatica San Antonio

Community Relations & Donations