Introducing Pin Trading

February 14, 2018

Pin Trading

Pin Trading

All-New to SeaWorld San Antonio in 2018 is the pin trading program. Collect your favorites and trade with SeaWorld Ambassadors and other pin-traders to get new ones. New pins will be released periodically throughout the year. Pin trading makes its debut at SeaWorld San Antonio on Opening Weekend.

How do I get started? Where can I find pins?

You can purchase your starter pack at various shops inside SeaWorld. Pins start at $7.99 and lanyards are also available for purchase. Once you have pins and a lanyard, you are ready to start trading!

Want to receive FREE pins? Purchase an Annual Pass and you will be invited to Pass Member Appreciation Day on February 24. You will receive FREE pins as well as FREE fountain drinks and a chance to win cool prizes such as an Aquatica cabana, Discovery Point dolphin swim, Spurs tickets and more!

Do you have any tips to build my collection?

We have various categories of pins to build your collection with. You can simply collect and trade from our core collection or you can purchase a Series. A Series is a set of pins that have the same theme. Collect the whole Series to start filling up your lanyard.

Collection pins are an assortment of pins that all relate to each other. Pins may be added to a Collection category so that you can add to it year after year. Other pin categories include Limited Edition, Special Edition, Retired, and Pass Member pins.

Do you have any tips for trading?

Seek out SeaWorld Ambassadors near the SeaWorld Gift Shops. They are eager to trade their pins and help you with your collection. Find a SeaWorld Ambassador wearing a black lanyard with pins and ask to trade. You may trade up to 3 pins per Ambassador, per day. You can find pin trading SeaWorld Ambassadors anywhere in the park but they are the easiest to find near the Gift Shops.

Pin Trading