Uncover the Mysteries of Sharks and Coral Reefs.

Sharks and living coral reefs are two of the most mysterious and misunderstood ocean inhabitants, yet they are also very important to ocean health.

Despite their rows of razor sharp teeth, sharks are actually under threat because of pollution and other changes in the ocean. Sharks are top predators and are important to keeping the whole ecosystem in balance. At Explorer’s Reef, you’ll get a close look at several species of these top predators, including zebra sharks, sand tigers, blacktip sharks and nurse sharks – all of which are considered vulnerable and well on their way toward endangered status.

Explorer’s Reef features a breathtaking cylindrical salt water aquarium with living coral. In addition to sharks, it is also home to some of the most wonderfully unusual treasures, like sea horses, clownfish, coral reef fish, dart frogs and more. Find out about SeaWorld’s partnership with the Guy Harvey World Ocean Foundation to help make a difference in preserving our oceans.

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  • Dolphin Swim

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    In-water interactions with dolphins, belugas or sea lions.

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  • Shark Tour

    Shark Tour

    Separate fact from fiction as you explore the incredible diversity and design of sharks. Dare to peer down into our 450,000-gallon aquarium to discover how we care for these perfect predators.

    • Check-in will begin at 15 minutes prior to the reservation time.
    • Check in is in front of Explorer’s Reef at the “Shark Tour” sign.
    • Reservation Confirmation is only valid for the date of your reservation.
    • All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a paying adult. A parent/guardian must purchase program admission and accompany participants under the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 booked without a paid adult may have their reservation cancelled.
    • All participants must be able to climb 3 flights of stairs.
    • There are limited spots available, and we cannot guarantee there will be room to add extra participants.
    • Program times, prices, components, and animal participation are subject to change
    • This tour requires participants to climb and descend stairs and to navigate narrow hallways .Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations should call us at 210-523-3608 to discuss requests prior to making reservations. SeaWorld respectfully requests 2 weeks’ notice of any need for accommodation, but every effort will be made to satisfy requests received less than 2 weeks in advance to the extent possible with in the time provided.
    • The program fee is non-refundable; however, the program will be rescheduled when possible. Please keep in mind if you arrive late you may not be able to join the program.
    • For questions, please call 210-523-3608
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    Guest $10.00 /ea.