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Discovery Point

SeaWorld's Discovery Point is a tucked-away oasis within SeaWorld San Antonio. Here, an expansive Dolphin Lagoon is home to a playful pod of bottlenose dolphins.

Watch the dolphins play from the sand-swept shores, or go deeper with our Dolphin Underwater Viewing. You'll also find Explorer's Reef, home to several species of sharks, many of which are endangered, along with exotic fish and a living coral reef. Access to Dolphin Lagoon, Dolphin Underwater Viewing and Explorer's Reef is included with any SeaWorld admission.

For a truly memorable experience, reserve a signature in-water experience or encounter with Dolphins, Beluga Whales and Sea Lions, some of the sea’s most extraordinary mammals.

Discovery Point is included with park admission. There is an additional fee to participate in an animal in-water experiences.

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10:30 am - 6:00 pm
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