Underwater Viewing

Animal Habitats

  • Turtle Reef at SeaWorld San Antonio

    All-New Turtle Reef

    Dive into the world of sea turtles in a way you never thought possible. Get an up-close look at these fascinating animals and connect with endangered and rescued turtles in real-time in the real world.

  • Alligator Alley

    Alligator Alley

    Check out those chompers! American Alligators are living reflections of prehistoric times, but did you know they are native to Eastern Texas marshes and streams?

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  • Discovery Point

    Discovery Point

    SeaWorld's Discovery Point is a tucked-away oasis within SeaWorld San Antonio. Here, an expansive Dolphin Lagoon is home to a playful pod of bottlenose dolphins.

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  • Explorer's Reef

    Explorer's Reef

    Sharks and living coral reefs are two of the most mysterious and misunderstood ocean inhabitants, yet they are also very important to ocean health.

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  • Flamingo Cove

    Flamingo Cove

    These beautiful, pink birds are a tropical wading species with long legs and long curvy necks.

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  • Pacific Point

    Pacific Point Preserve

    Pacific Point Preserve is an immersive experience that has the look and feel of a Pacific coast town where guests make powerful connections with sea lions and other coastal wildlife.

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