SeaWorld Orlando visitors dancing at Orlando music festival

Live Music at the Jazz Stage

  • Jazz concert at SeaWorld San Diego Seven Seas Food Festival

    Gypsy Swing Cats

    The trio known as the Gypsy Swing Cats perform an energetic and highly rhythmic blend of swing, jazz, and blues. “This is music which combines gypsy melodies and rhythms with the influences of American jazz steeped in the aura of 1930s Paris,” says guitarist Steve Nichols. “Charming, cool, and classy. The music is thoroughly modern, infused by the wild, free, exciting sound of American jazz that transformed the old into the new. Swing supercharging the music of gypsy fire and melancholia.”

    Nichols has performed or shared the stage with B.B. King, Charlie Daniels, Lou Rawls, Barney Kessel, Billy Cobham, John Anderson, and Patty Lovelace. Guitarist Guy Gonzales has shared billing with Larry Coryell, Sonny Rollins, and Pancho Sanchez, as well as performing for both President Ford and President Clinton.

  • Jazz concert at SeaWorld San Diego Seven Seas Food Festival

    Hedgehog Swing

    Hedgehog Swing is a gypsy swing band based in Long Beach which prides itself on being true to the music of 1930's France, and legendary guitarist, Django Reinhardt. They play frequently in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area, entertaining at private parties, restaurants, street fairs, and other events.

  • Jazz concert at SeaWorld San Diego Seven Seas Food Festival


    Fred Hardy has been playing bass for years. Originally from San Diego, Fred has experience playing jazz, blues, classical, folk and gypsy. Working with the best local artists, Fred has performed for a number of occasions including night club shows, weddings and private parties.

  • Jazz concert at SeaWorld San Diego Seven Seas Food Festival


    QUEL BORDEL (QB!) was formed in San Diego, CA in 2013 w/ a Ukrainian, two Filipino brothers, a classically trained violinist and a punk rock drummer. After the better part of a decade, they have had multiple releases and kept up a vigorous touring regiment of over 150+ shows a year. The band has toured the US, Canada, and Europe, and they have made a small dent in the folk-punk music scene: coining their own sub-genre “world punk.”  During 2020 they took the opportunity to work on and complete their first full gypsy jazz album entitled Dinner For Derelicts. 

    QUEL BORDEL! is noted for their wild performances and danceable beats but also plays toned down sets of gypsy jazz. QB! has headlined sweaty, high-energy shows at House of Blues (Mainstage), The Holding Company, and The Casbah. Likewise, the band has shared the stage with: Flatfoot 56, Metallachi, The Rum Jacks, The Real McKenzies, Diego’s Umbrella, Sprung Monkey, Magic Giant, Young Dubliners, Dublin City Ramblers, Bridge City Sinners, Daze ‘N Daze, Dirty Kid Discount, and many others.  

  • Jazz concert at SeaWorld San Diego Seven Seas Food Festival

    Trio Gadjo

    Trio Gadjo is the Django Reinhardt inspired gypsy jazz repertoire, members of the Trio bring a vast array of musical styles to each performance. Together, the musicians of Trio Gadjo have studied and performed traditional jazz, pop, classical, swing, and everything in between. This experience gives the Trio the extraordinary ability to quickly adapt their musical style to suit the environment.   

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