Fun at Halloween Spooktacular + Easy Sea Star Costume

October 10, 2018 by Gabie, Kid Blogger

I always look forward to visiting SeaWorld San Diego during my fall break from school, because October is a really fun month to visit with everything decorated for Halloween. SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular is happening now until October 28th and has many different things for your family to do.


My favorite things at SeaWorld in October are Clyde and Seamore’s Big Halloween Bash, Creepy Creatures, and Manta Madness. Clyde is my favorite sea lion at SeaWorld and he’s so funny dressed up for Halloween. Creepy Creatures teaches you all about creatures and animals that people think are scary but are actually very interesting. You can meet a tarantula and learn about different kinds of owls there. I learned that you can tell if an owl looks for food during the day or night by the color of their eyes. If you think Manta is a fun rollercoaster, you have to ride it at night during Manta MADNESS with lights and spooky music!


You can also wear a costume for trick-or-treating. I make an animal-inspired costume to wear to Halloween Spooktacular every year, and this year I chose to do a sea star because they are really interesting. Did you know some species have the ability to grow back missing limbs? Sea stars are amazing creatures.



To make the sea star costume, you need a really big piece of felt to cut two pieces into a star shape.


First, measure how wide you can open your arms so you know how big to cut the star. Fold the felt in half and draw a star as wide as your arms can reach with a marker, then cut through both layers so you have two stars. (This part was the most challenging and I did ask my mom for help. Make sure you have a grown-up helping you too.)


Next, cut circles of felt to glue onto both sides of the sea star. We just put one big blob of fabric glue in the center of the circle and carefully placed them on the sea star legs. We put an average of four to six circles on each leg. Remember, not all the circles have to be the same size.



Then, use fabric glue to glue both sides of the star together at the tip that drapes over your shoulder. Glue the tips of all the other sea star legs, but remember that your body has to fit in between the two felt pieces, so don’t glue the edges too closely together.


All of the legs fall downward when you’re wearing the costume, except for the sea star leg draped over your shoulder. I wanted one of the legs to move with my arm, so we used a small rectangle of felt to attach a hair tie at the end of the sea star leg to fit over my wrist. Just add some glue to the ends of one side of the rectangle, then glue to the leg over the hair tie.



My sea star costume was very easy to make. There are many different types of sea stars, so you can use any color and make it as big or small as you want. Trick-or-treating at SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular in your sea star costume is so much fun!