Aquaria World of Fishes Clown Fish


  • Aquaria world of fishes

    Aquaria: World of Fishes

    At Aquaria, we are showcasing saltwater and freshwater ecosystems from around the world. This aquarium has one of the largest schools of Piranhas on exhibit as well as prehistoric alligator gar, the massive fruit-eating pacus, leopard sharks and thousand of colorful and exotic reef fish. It's an amazing aquarium experience!

  • Aquarium at Cirque De La Mer

    Aquarium de la Mer

    Get a firsthand look at the exotic and beautiful creatures that inspired the world of our Cirque de la Mer show. Their bright colors and unusual markings will leave you wide-eyed with wonder at the natural beauty of the world we share.

  • Freshwater Aquarium

    Freshwater Aquarium

    Freshwater aquatic life offers an endless stream of discoveries—four-eyed fish and electric eels, to name just two. Come meet exotic freshwater animals from North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia in this one-of-a-kind aquarium.

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