• Live on Location

    SeaWorld San Antonio reaches beyond the park and into the community with programs for all ages. SeaWorld brings educational, entertaining, and interactive programs to you! We travel throughout the greater San Antonio Metro Area, and present to a variety of audiences – at schools, libraries, senior centers, community events, hospitals, retirement centers, and more. Please note that we do not provide outreach for birthday parties, or private residences.

    We strive to inspire others about the wonders of our earth and the animals with which we share it. Use our “Live on Location” Outreach program to introduce, reinforce or culminate your classroom curriculum. Live on Location presentations can be either a booth setting (demonstration table with one-on-one discussion) or an interactive classroom experience. We have two interactive, TEKs-aligned presentations that will be sure to bring real-world application to your classroom. Our skilled Instructors will tailor the conversation to target your students specific needs.

    Animal Adaptations - FULL FOR 2020 SPRING AND SUMMER SEASONS
    What do animals need to live within our oceans? What part do we play in the animal kingdom? Answer these questions, and more, as we explore the rich biodiversity our world has to offer through Animal Adaptations.

    Zoological Careers - FULL FOR 2020 SPRING AND SUMMER SEASONS
    Give students who are interested in animal-related careers an inside look into the wild careers at SeaWorld. Learn what it takes to care for marine life and how you can get an exciting career as an animal care professional!

    Animal Ambassadors
    Starting at $200

    Are you interested in meeting our animal ambassadors and learning how you can contribute to global conservation efforts?
    Our Animal Ambassador Live on Location presentation offers the chance to meet some of the amazing animals that call SeaWorld San Antonio their home. Our dedicated Animal Training team will share how they care for the animals and habitats at SeaWorld and around the globe. Your students will have the opportunity to meet some of our animal ambassadors and learn more about their conservation stories. SeaWorld San Antonio offers this unique experience for schools, libraries, senior centers, community events, hospitals, retirement centers, and more!

    *Please note that we do not provide outreaches for birthday parties, or private residences. All programs take place during non-operating park dates (see the official SeaWorld calendar for dates). Animal feeding and petting is not allowed.

  • Live From SeaWorld

    Live from SeaWorld San Antonio - Students Interact with SeaWorld Experts during Live Video Calls

    We are bringing SeaWorld to classrooms across the nation for some splashy, educational fun. Students now have an opportunity to spend 30 minutes of face time over a live video call directly with our animal experts to learn about these fascinating creatures.

    Each session includes an interactive demonstration geared toward the specific school and their education level. Some students may learn about how we care for our animals, while others dive into the wild career opportunities that exist at zoos and aquariums.

    Following the interactive demonstration, the floor is open for students to ask any questions they may have. Our goal for these sessions is to inspire students to become more eager to conserve and protect our oceans and the life that lives within them. By connecting students to our animals, we hope to build a passion for conservation and wildlife.