Aquatica, Waterpark

Splash and play as if you’re seaside at Aquatica®. This tropical paradise next to SeaWorld offers water rides from serene to extreme, crashing surf and unforgettable opportunities to meet stingrays, tropical birds and other amazing animals. Soar up a three-story high wall on Walhalla Wave®, or simply relax and soak up the sun on white sand beaches.

Water Slides


    Ihu's Breakaway Falls

    Now open! Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, a multi-drop tower slide where the floor will literally break away and send guests down an exhilarating free fall. Guests will face their fears and each other, since you never know who’s going to fall first! This unique slide is named after Ihu, Aquatica’s colorful gecko, who is always in search of the biggest thrills and steepest hills in the park.

  • Taumata Racer

    Tamauta Racer

    Taumata Racer, named for a famous hill in New Zealand. It’s a high-speed waterslide where riders zoom downhill head first on foam bodysurfing mats. It’s also a competitive ride with six side-by-side lanes. Taumata Racer launches riders in an entry tunnel that makes a swooping, 180-degree turn, then straightens out to make two additional descents over the 375-foot slide length and 55-foot drop in under 10 seconds.

  • Walhalla Wave

    Walhalla Wave

    A first of its kind in North America, this family clover-tube ride sends guests soaring through watery waves to the top of a zero-gravity wall, giving riders the sense of weightlessness.

  • Tassies Twister

    Tassie's Twisters

    Guests ride using double or single tubes and select one of two different slides, both of which send riders spinning inside of a large bowl before their twisting, turning descent.

  • Stingray Falls

    Stingray Falls

    The park’s signature attraction takes four-seat rafts down twists and turns to an underwater grotto, where you come face-to-fin with stingrays and tropical fish. It’s the only ride of its kind in the world.

  • Hooroo Run

    HooRoo Run

    One of the park's most exhilarating rides, guests choose single or double tubes for their descent down a 48-foot tall ride, which features open and closed slides, water curtains, and lots of twists, turns, and drops. In New Zealand, "hooroo" means "goodbye" but get ready to yell it quickly. By the time your raft is heaved over the edge, you'll speed to the bottom before you can say hello again.

  • Kiwi Curl

    Kiwi Curl

    Thrill-seeking guests experience speed and high wall turns down one of two body slides, each more than 450 feet long.

  • Woohoo Falls

    Woohoo Falls

    Guests ride single tubes down one of two distinct, heart-pounding slides. For the adventurous rider, one of the tubes is pitch dark.

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