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Animal Ambassador Tour

Visit with our Animal Ambassador team and the exotic and rescued animals they care for, plus hear some of the incredible stories of rescue and conservation that these animals represent every day!

Animal lovers will love getting up close with our SeaWorld animal ambassadors. Whether exotic or rescued, each has a unique story, and you never know who you’ll get to meet. Snap a selfie and learn what you can do to help our animal friends in need.

  • NEW Animal Ambassadors Up-Close Tour

    Animal Ambassador Tour at SeaWorld Orlando

    Guests will go behind the scenes and meet our keepers. There they will encounter a variety of exotic and rescued animals, hear their stories, and get a chance to take photos with them. Please see for additional information.

    • Checkbox selected Meet exotic and rescued animals and hear from the experts that care for them
    • Checkbox selected Hear some amazing stories, and get your photo with their stars
    • Admission to SeaWorld is required and not included
    • Guests under 3 years of age are free and do not require a reservation
    • All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a paying adult
    • Groups will be combined for tour of about 20 guests
    • Program times, prices, components and animal participation are subject to change
    • Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice are nonrefundable
    • Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations should visit the Contact Us page to discuss requests prior to making reservations
    Prices Starting at
    Adult (18+) $20.00 /ea.
    Minor (under 18) $20.00 /ea.
  • Animal Experience Add-On Package 

    Animal Experience Add-On Package at SeaWorld Orlando

    Our Animal Experience Add-On Package allows you take souvenirs of your tour home with you. It includes one printed photo and one medium sized plush.

    • Checkbox selected Tour not included with add-on package.

    We’re sure you’ll enjoy your tour so much that you’ll want to take home a souvenir, so we’re making it easy and you’ll get to save! This add-on package includes one printed photo and one medium sized plush, so you can take more than just memories home with you.

    Add-On Package $29.00 /ea.