Live from Shamu Stadium

Students interact with SeaWorld trainers during live video calls

Our trainers are bringing Shamu Stadium to classrooms across the nation for some splashy, educational fun. Students now have an opportunity to spend 30 minutes of face time over a live video call directly with our trainers and killer whales to learn more about a day in their lives.

Each session includes an interactive demonstration geared toward the specific school and their education level. Some students learn about the whales’ respiratory system, while others experience “play dates” and are able to see the whales interact with their favorite enrichment devices. The more advanced college students gain insight as to how our killer whales are trained and weighed. They learn how the behaviors taught by our trainers allow for further research of killer whales to better understand these animals and help their wild counterparts.

Following the interactive sessions, the floor is open for students to ask any questions they may have about both our trainers and our animals. Our goal for these sessions is to inspire students to become more eager to conserve and protect our oceans and the life that lives within them. By connecting students to our animals, we hope to build a passion for conservation and wildlife.

Please note that due to the high demand for these sessions, not all requests for video conferences can be accommodated. If you think your school would love to participate in a video learning experience with SeaWorld trainers and killer whales, please apply by filling out the form. SeaWorld will contact you if we are able to schedule a video conference for your classroom.


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