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Restaurants & Dining Options

  • Dine with Shamu

    Dine with Shamu

    It's Orlando's most immersive and memorable family dining experience: Dine With Shamu®.

    • Advance Reservation
    • See Animals
  • Mango Joes

    Mango Joe's

    Savor casual "castaway cuisine" at Mango Joe's.

    • Included with All Day Dining Deal
  • SeaFire

    Seafire Grill

    • Included with All Day Dining Deal
  • Sea Port Pizza

    Seaport Pizza

    Take a break from the thrills and recharge the whole family with mouthwatering pizza.

    • Included with All Day Dining Deal
  • Sharks Underwater Grill

    Sharks Underwater Grill

    Enjoy fine dining and a fascinating view in this upscale, full-service restaurant.

    • See Animals
  • Spice Mill

    Spice Mill Restaurant

    • Included with All Day Dining Deal
  • Voyagers

    Voyager's Smokehouse

    • Included with All Day Dining Deal
  • Expedition Cafe

    Expedition Café

    This Antarctican restaurant has a variety of cuisine sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

    • Included with All Day Dining Deal

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Quick Bites

Captain Petes

Captain Pete’s

Located across from Stingray Lagoon
Captain Pete knows what island lovers love to eat, so he serves flavorful and hearty fare in his colorful Key West snack shack. Menu includes hot dogs, chili dogs, French fries, and assorted beverages. Included in SeaWorld All-Day Dining Deal.

Harbor Market

Happy Harbor Market

Located across from Shamu Stadium
The perfect spot for families and kids alike to keep cool while enjoying Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Get your snack fix in with grab and go items including ice cream, frozen drinks, fresh fruit, and more.

Lakeside Panini

Panini Shore Café

Located near Mako
With a menu that includes hot grilled panini sandwiches and signature salads, this stop has something delicious for everyone. Be sure to relax and enjoy your meal on the nearby lakeside patio.

Pretzel Kitchen

Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen

Located near Shamu Stadium
Pretzel connoisseurs can now savor sweet and salty pretzel combinations while sipping on a variety of local and seasonal craft beers, frozen cocktails, wines and beverages. The menu features a selection of original and out-of-this-world soft pretzel creations such as Mama’s Meatball Pretzel Twist, Bacon Pretzel Twist, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets and Pretzel-wrapped bratwurst.

South Pole Beverage

South Pole Beverages

Located across from Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
Explore refreshment your way, with over 100 choices at your fingertips. Also, don’t forget to try South Pole Chill™, Antarctica’s brand new custom flavor. This brand new drink is only available on Coca-Cola Freestyle machines at South Pole Beverages within the Antarctica realm.

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