Visiting Discovery Cove with Children

May 3, 2018 by Maribel A, SeaWorld
Discovery Cove Dolphin Jump with Family

I love talking to my friends about Discovery Cove; it’s my favorite place in all of Central Florida. But no matter how hard I try, I can never capture the essence of how amazing it is to spend the day there.

I was recently with a friend who said she was waiting until her daughter was a teenager to take her to Discovery Cove so they could both enjoy it. I realized very few people know that Discovery Cove is a great place for anyone… even young children.

Discovery Cove Family in Aviary

Here are a few of the child-friendly experiences offered at Discovery Cove:

• There are great options for non-swimmers
  ○ Free-flight aviary with hundreds of tropical birds
  ○ Out-of-water viewing opportunities into the shark exhibit
  ○ Otter viewing from land
  ○ Sand toys are available upon request

• Children as young as 6 years old can participate in the Dolphin Swim

• All waterways have shallow areas for those not comfortable in deep water

• Life vests are available in all kid sizes, including infants

• Vests and wetsuits are available in infant and children’s sizes -4 to 16

• Families can bring their own US Coast Guard-approved floatation devices

• Bird and fish ID cards are available for children to learn about and to look for specific animals

• Laguna Grill offers kid-friendly options and snacks and slushies are available at the snack bars

Discovery Cove Family Enjoying Lunch

If all of this wasn’t enough, reservations at Discovery Cove include admission to both SeaWorld and Aquatica, which are great parks for any age and allow families additional opportunities to create life-long memories.

Mother’s Day is coming up… Wouldn’t a day at Discovery Cove with your family be the perfect gift? Visit the Discovery Cove website for more information and to book your adventure today.

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