Things to do on Labor Day Weekend in Orlando

August 31, 2018
Snorkel with thousands of tropical fish at Discovery Cove.

What does Labor Day mean to you—an extra day for fun, or relaxation? At Discovery Cove Orlando there’s plenty of both, so we’ve created a list of things to do Labor Day weekend that give you every reason to come and spend it with us.

  1. Go On A SeaVenture: Strap on a dive helmet and take a walk underwater. This 45 minute tour surrounds you with tropical fish and even allows you to touch unique sea life along the way.
  2. Feed Some Hungry Fish: Get up early and feed the stingrays their breakfast. While you’re at it, you might as well feed the thousands of other tropical fish their breakfasts too, all while learning from our expert aquarists how to take care of them all.
  3. Swim With The Sharks: Address the item you never thought you’d mark off your bucket list. This experience includes a training session with our aquarists and the chance to swim side-by-side with one of nature’s most notorious predators.
  4. Dabble With The Dolphins: It’s okay if you’re not ready to swim with sharks-- our dolphins are always ready for some fun. In this interactive experience you’ll learn about dolphin behavior, give them hugs and even get towed around while you hold on to their dorsal fin.
  5. Unwind On The Beach: Our sandy white beaches are perfect for relaxing under the sun and leading you to our water pools and rivers throughout the park. Whether your toes go in the sand or the water, you’ll definitely be enjoying yourself.
  6. Be One With The Birds: Step out of the water and into our aviary where you’ll be surrounded by exotic birds and the songs they sing. The experience gets even more special when you grab a handful of fruit and let the birds land on your for a quick snack.
  7. Loosen Up With a Massage: Mosey near the waterways of the Freshwater Oasis and slip into bliss. Our licensed massage therapists will make sure your 25 minute session will be the most relaxing of your Labor Day weekend.
  8. Swim In An Oasis: It’s more than a pretty body of water. Our Freshwater Oasis is home to adorable otters and other marmosets just waiting for you to jump and swim with them.
  9. Wander Around The Grand Reef: If you’re more of a saltwater human, you’ll enjoy swimming alongside the thousands of exotic and colorful fish in this coral reef habitat. A swim around our Grand Reef is an experience you won’t soon forget.
  10. Indulge In Unlimited Food and Drinks: You read correctly. We offer unlimited food and drinks (and alcoholic beverages for guests over 21). Because no weekend getaway would be complete without at least one weekend feast!

Now that you have an idea of things to do over Labor Day weekend, how will you spend it? Whether you want to do as much or as little as possible, there are so many memories waiting to be made here at Discovery Cove Orlando.