Meet Calypso the Nurse Shark

July 28, 2017 by Jessica V, SeaWorld

Calypso is a nurse shark that’s now making special appearances during our all-new shark swim at Discovery Cove.  She joined our Discovery Cove family back in 2006 after she outgrew a home aquarium. Unfortunately, nurse shark pups are sometimes sold in pet stores and uninformed buyers end up with a shark that grows quicker than their aquarium! Since we do not know her exact origin our team estimates Calypso to be 12 years old. She currently is eight and a half feet long and weighs in at 169 pounds.


Guests are always surprised to find out sharks are picky eaters and Calypso is no exception. Her favorite fish are trout and salmon. When she is fed at the surface of the water she makes a loud popping sound. This is actually a nurse shark adaptation. Nurse sharks use that powerful suction when feeding so they can suck a conch right out of its shell or a lobster right out of a crevice!

Fun fact, Calypso is the smallest and darkest nurse shark at the Grand Reef. So the next time you visit Discovery Cove be sure to stop by the Grand Reef and see if you can spot her!