Enjoying Fall at Discovery Cove

October 23, 2017 by Jeff A, Discovery Cove

The calendar says fall but at Discovery Cove we are still celebrating summer!  While temperatures start to drop elsewhere Discovery Cove continues to soak up the warm Florida sun.  Fall is the perfect time of year to visit Discovery Cove because October typically marks the end of the Central Florida rainy season 

Come check out fall colors Discovery Cove style.  I have two favorite areas in the park:  Explorer’s Aviary and SeaVenture

Get up close with colorful birds at the Explorers Aviary at Discovery Cove

Our aviary is filled with many colorful birds and hand feeding them is such a fun up close interaction.  Some of my favorite memories are taking pictures with the birds perched on my hand or head  while grabbing their afternoon snack. The best way to enjoy the aviary is to make multiple visits throughout the day.  The birds all have different eating patterns so you will see something new with each visit.

Take an underwater tour and get up close to some incredible sea creatures at Discovery Cove.

During SeaVenture you can check out all the brightly colored fish swirling above you, beside you and below you. Seeing these tropical fish and rays from this underwater vantage is a unique experience and will definitely give you vacation pictures that will be talked about for years.  Like the aviary, you will definitely want to make multiple visits to the Grand Reef since you will definitely see something new every trip.

While your friends back home are unpacking their winter clothes take this opportunity to pack your bathing suits and bask on our snowy white beaches.  Take advantage of our new “Upgraded Drink package” featuring Turning Leaf wines, Angry Orchard Cider and many other colorful tropical drinks.  It's the perfect way to relax and take a break from the cooler temperatures.  Being a Floridian, I really cherish Florida Fall weather and I hope you are able to come enjoy it as well. This is definitely a great time of year to visit Discovery Cove.

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