Video Gallery

Hear directly from experts whose work and passion illustrates SeaWorld®’s commitment to animal welfare. More than 60 zoological professionals across the U.S. – trainers, keepers, veterinarians, scientists, rescue experts, conservationists and educators – were interviewed. 

Watch how visiting SeaWorld and seeing our killer whales can change someone's life!
Watch SeaWorld animal care experts talk about the importance of inspiring guests to protect killer whales in the wild.
Feel the passion and dedication of the SeaWorld Rescue Team through some of the extraordinary moments in animal rescue, rehabilitation and return of marine animals. These people helped rescue more than 24,000 ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned animals over the last 50 years.
Rescuing, rehabilitating and returning this young California grey whale was an amazing opportunity with an even broader impact for wild populations.
Dr. Grey Stafford, Director of Conservation at Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium, explains that closing zoos and aquariums would stop important conservation and preservation work.
Jody Westberg tells how SeaWorld helped rescue a larger than average number of sea lions that were starving to death. SeaWorld gave them 24/7 care to nurse them back to health and release them back to the wild.
Mother and dolphin trainer Lindy Donahue describes how one-on-one connections between animals and kids inspire them to become conservationists and ultimately matter to the bigger picture of our world.
Hear this rescuer's story about a young sea lion that affected her personally. Rescued with a plastic six-pack ring embedded around his neck, the animal survived and was returned to the ocean.
Blackfish shows former killer whale trainer John Hargrove with a bloody face, misleading the viewers to believe this was caused by an animal. Watch the video to learn what actually happened.
See how a childhood experience at SeaWorld has led to a lifelong passion for animals and the natural world.
Our animals receive all of their food and nourishment regardless of how they perform throughout the day.
Documentaries need to show multiple sides to any issue and Blackfish only shows one. Killer whale trainer Ken Peters asks people to do their own research and not base their knowledge on just one side.
SeaWorld's trainers love animals and are passionate about their health and well-being. We care about all animals, both in the wild and in our care.
Watch this animal rescuer describe how SeaWorld inspires future generations of conservationists to take real action to rescue and rehabilitate animals.
Blackfish misled viewers into thinking SeaWorld separated Kasatka and Takara when they were mother and calf. This isn't true. Watch this killer whale trainer and mother of four share the truth and explain why she is proud of what she does at SeaWorld.
Wildlife Management Expert Alyssa Simmons talks about how real conservation takes work, not sitting back and criticizing.
Former Killer Whale Trainer Mark Simmons discusses the lies in Blackfish and explains that SeaWorld recognizes the importance of the mother-calf bond.
Hear how a former Killer Whale Trainer featured in Blackfish was misled about the film. His thoughts on why it is a biased opinion piece, not a balanced documentary.
SeaWorld whales help wild whales.   Hear how we understand and conserve killer whales with research data that can only come from our unique environment.
Our trainers interact with each killer whale, every day. Hear how we care for these amazing animals, and how the bonds are between trainers and whales.

Did you know there are more than 1,500 team members dedicated to caring for the animals at our parks? We're proud to have the world's top zoological professionals caring for our animal family daily.
Killer whale trainer, Holly Byrd discusses Blackfish.
Watch former SeaWorld killer whale trainer featured in Blackfish discuss the movie.
Watch video of SeaWorld killer whale expert on family relationships and how they are maintained at SeaWorld.
Two-year-old Jasmine C. connects with killer whales (Orcinus Orca) Tilikum and Trua at SeaWorld® Orlando. In this short candid video, the tiny tot and the giant whales seemed equally fascinated with one another. Enjoy and share -- it's sure to pass on a smile!
In the first episode of "Voices of SeaWorld", our team discusses “The Mission of SeaWorld.”  
In this episode we dive into animal care and welfare. Hear directly from veterinarians, trainers and keepers how they care for these animals, keep them healthy, and even train the animals to participate in their own check-ups.    
In this episode we jump into action with the SeaWorld Rescue team and partner organizations as they share details of their life calling, including often dropping everything on a moment’s notice to help injured, sick and orphaned wild animals.  
In this episode SeaWorld animal experts and scientists share some of the fascinating research projects going on in the parks that play a huge role in helping to save wildlife and wild places. From the development of thriving marine mammal breeding programs to the on-the-ground support of research projects around the world, see how research makes up a key component of SeaWorld’s larger commitment to conservation and animal welfare.